Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Post!

Hello loved ones of Jacqueline!
This is Megan Connelly, Jacqueline's roommate. I just wanted to welcome you to the wonderful world of my dearest Schneibs (as I like to call her). I'm so incredibly proud of her for starting a blog for the first time. She's complained before how she doesn't like emailing, and I promise she loves to talk to the people, but not actually to the trillion she needs to talk to and the time it takes. This lady is incredible, and if she were to start this blog to let everyone know about her life, she could focus more fully on school and what she does best: blessing peoples lives. So here's the plan: I'm going to make her blog when I do, so you can all check up on this beauty. If you ever want to know how incredible I think this woman is, and see pictures of her (I promise I take a gajillion more than her, and of her) check out my blog at visitingtheholyland.blogspot.com. I mention her in almost every post, and the blessing she is in my life. I know many of you could agree with me. Best of blessings to all, and enjoy her posting!

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  1. Megan...you know what I said about making blogs for other people. Nothing! I love you both. Schneibs, pick up the pace, c'mon girl. I want to hear all about your awesome experience and your even more awesome roommates.