Monday, May 21, 2012

The Holy Ghost feels like Clouds

Hey family!
 Well I just talked to you all on Saturday... so not too much has happened. But I wanted to tell you about a cool experience on Sunday. Our non-progressing investigator Mona came to church. She is not progressing because she has a hard time reading the Book of Mormon. But she does come to church sometimes. So she came to church and usually she likes to stay in the normal sunday school class. But in Relief Society they had announced the next ward temple trip. She leaned over to me and asked.. can i come too!?... I thought.. ja visst. of course you can come.. ;)  So when the sunday school hour came around she said she would like to learn more about the temple.  It's crazy how as missionaries you can last minute have to teach a 30 min lesson without any preparation. And its not like we go around teaching about the temple every week either. It was a miracle that we could find some material on the temple with pictures. And that we could find the right two members to come sit in on the lesson for help. There was a lot of miracles and Heavenly Father's help right there in those 5 mins as we were scrambling to start our lesson. Well! The lesson went amazingly well. Mona is hopefully off the bandwagon and progressing. We covered alot of ground in the lesson.. we even invited her to be baptized again. The best part of the lesson was when Robert (an old bishop) had a comment about the Holy Ghost. He said "A great way to feel the spirit is through hearing others testimonies... and i would like to bear my testimony that i know that this is the only true church." The spirit quickly entered in and quietly touched my heart. I am so grateful to have that witness time and time again. Each time it is a little miracle.
I too know that Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's church here upon the earth today. 
So! I love you all and will be sending you some pictures later on in the afternoon! :)
Love Syster Schneiber

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