Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week 3--MTC

Dear Family and Friends,

Here are a few funny things that mixed up our week:
  • Two nights ago we had a fire alarm at 2 in the morning! It was pretty fun to wake up to blaring alarms and then traipse outside with a  bunch of tired sisters.. I laughed when I saw what people brought: their name tags! and notecards :)
  • On our service day Syster W and I tried to speak in only Swedish! We did a pretty good job (I thought) but we have pretty terrible grammar though. :) But we keep working on it!  My favorite new word is "fornecka," which means "to deny." And it sounds like fornicate, so that is how I remember it... ok soooo! maybe that is bad of me...
  • Syster W was chosen to say the prayer at devotional so we got to sit up on the stand and meet Elder Simmons.
  • Last week on firday Syster Winterton had a great game of soccer but ended up spraining her ankle. So we had a day of crutches and now i get to practice my nurse skills and i wrap her foot all the time. The Aldster (elders) have been great about helping her out. We love our Elders.
  • Awesome experience: Two non-members from Sweden came to the TRC. They were just visiting the States, and only two komratskap (companionships) could teach.  Syster Winterton and I got to teach them! I couldnt understand almost anything they said  but we had a fun time laughing and smiling with them and then sharing our short message. It was really neat. I can't wait to go to Sweden!!! even though i wont be able to understand them for a while
So over-all this week has been another great week. Syster W and I are working really well together and we are just trying to love life and learn a lot.  
We also had an amazing district meeting after devotional on Sunday were we talked about the Armor of God. I really like the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit.  I like to think that the shield of faith works like this: If we have faith in the Lord then we let Him in and control the shield.  That way He is invincible and we never get hit by the bad guys. Then, as we try and develop this faith in the Lord and let him control the shield, this gives us the ability learn how to wield the sword of the Spirit. We are really clumsy with the Spirit now and are practicing and building those muscles.  But look at the prophet; he is a master of using the sword of the spirit. When we learn how to strike someone with the spirit sword they are able to feel the spirit and know that we speak the truth.. So cool!!
I love you all.. and there is so much more that is going on.. but I am so grateful for all of your letters and your prayers.. know that I pray for you too (in Swedish! :)
   Syster Schneiber

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