Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 2: "They just popped out of the daisies!"

Dear Family!
What a great day it is to be alive!  This week has been filled of amazing small miracles everyday! And I am sure it is the same with you all too. Where to even begin! This weekend was like Christmas for me. I loved General Conference.  I wish it would just keep going. We had the opportunity to listen to the first three sessions. We watched both morning sessions live with you! So it felt cool to know that we were watching it together. I think my favorite talks were.. OH! i don't know! I loved Eyrings! I love the way he speaks. I loved Hallstrom's about the gospel verses the church. I loved Elder Hollands because it was about a simple story in the bible.. and he put a whole new spin on it.  It is amazing how you can understand the same story with a few new points of views. I loved Ulisses Soares about how this world is going towards a scientific atheism and they are tone deaf to the music of the spirit. I see this every day with people I meet on the streets. I worry about the world and its can we stop this from spreading?  
I could just keep going!  As I took notes I tried to do the two column thing. One side was on what the person said and the other side is just little thoughts and ideas that come to me. As Syster Sprague and I headed home that evening she looked at me with big eyes and said "I have received revelation! For almost all of my questions!"... I had a small sense of disappointment because I didn't really feel like I'd received a lot of inspiration. But when we got home we took out our notes and just talked about all our favorite parts... and after going through my notes a few times... I HAVE RECEIVED REVELATION! my right hand column is full everywhere.. And the same thoughts and ideas came to me through each speaker.. no matter what topic they were speaking on. That was pretty neat. Did you receive revelation?  And if you haven't, go through your notes!  and if you still cant find it talk to someone else about what your wrote down in your notes.  I still feel like talking my way through certain ideas is how I received inspiration.. or writing it down in my journal. 
Ok last boring thing. I LOVE READING SCRIPTURES! have I said that before?  Just in case I haven't... Reading the Book of Mormon every morning and then telling Syster Sprague about it is perhaps the best part of every day. Right now I am in Alma and I read through chapter 31 this week. I loved verses 5 where Alma talks about how he is going to go out and test the word of God instead of picking up a sword. Do you realize he has already served a long mission.. and now he is going to go out again! Its kinda like we keep being missionaries through our visiting teaching and home teaching.. because the people he goes to teach in 31 are the Zoramites. The Zoramites used to have the gospel but have fallen away.. :) Get the correlation! I love it. and then in verse 38 it talks about the power of prayer. Not just any prayer but a prayer in faith. 
 38 And the Lord provided for them that they should hunger not, neither should they thirst; yea, and he also gave them strength, that they should suffer no manner of aafflictions, save it were swallowed up in the joy of Christ. Now this was according to the prayer of Alma; and this because he prayed in bfaith.

So miracles!  As a missionary you often times have goals.  Well Syster Sprague and I were trying to reach a goal of talking to 10 people every day.. outside of what we had scheduled. In Allingsås this can seem very hard.. because the town is very small and there are not so many people out and about. BUT! We made this goal and we were going to try our best. We had been promised if we tried to reach this goal the Lord would help us get 5 new investigators that week.  SO! last Sunday was our first successful day of reaching 10. Through out the week we tried our best. Monday..our preparation day we reached ten again! Tuesday was a crazy day and it started going off schedule.  So as we rushed up to our first appointment we were about 5 mins early. We parked our bikes. As I hopped off mine and we went to lock them I just spoke out loud to Sys Sprague and Heavenly Father. "Heavenly Father, we are ready to talk to some prepared people.. if you feel like sending them our way." Right then a lady walked past. Syster Sprague and I were startled and thought... oh geez.. I hope it wasn't her! I wasn't QUITE ready.  So after parking the bikes we headed down the little road to our meeting place. A younger man rounded the corner and lit up a cigarette. I looked at Sys S and said.. should we do it?  She said, why not! (I love her!).  We stopped him. and He gave us his number!!!!!!!  First person we contacted! THIS IS NOT NORMAL FOR MISSIONARIES IN SWEDEN! :)   The rest of the day we were so busy we didn't get a chance to talk to 10 people. I felt like it was Heavenly Father knew we were not going to have time so just gave him to us first. :)
Wednesday.. the same thing happens. we are running late. We have to quickly hop on our bikes and cycle to the church to print something out to then quickly head back for a teach. This does not make for good random contacting on the way. We were rushing up to 5 o'clock. finally the day slowed down and we went to go by some old investigators. As we walked up to the apt complex of the family there was a man and his son sitting on a park bench. I looked at Sys S and said.. should we talk to them? she look at me and said "why not!"  He said we could come back next week on Thursday and teach him. yay!!! This kept happening to us throughout the week. And guess what! We got 5 new investigators! I really shouldn't be so surprised because with the Lord anything is possible.. but! I still was!
Syster Sprague and I have decided to make April a month of perfection (thank you dad) and we are going to try to do our best and let the Lord do the rest. I am super excited!  

There is so much more that happens to us each day on a mission. It is just too much to write down. 
Two neat small experience were around conference.  On Saturday we were sitting in the chapel listening to conference and we have big widows on the sides. We saw a man outside walking his dog.  Conference is so amazing.. who wouldn't love listening to this and feeling of the spirit and power of God. Syster Sprague got a smile on her face and said.. should we go out there and invite him!?  I thought for a moment.. are you crazy! but then remembering all those times she stood by my side and said.. why not. I looked at her and said "Why not!".. big smiles came upon our faces and we headed out.  We walked up to the man and told him that we were listening to a prophet of god speak and he would be welcome to join us.  He said no.. but it was at that moment that I realized.. I need not have fear. We can do all things. And even if they reject our invitation.. that does not mean it doesn't count. Every invitation counts.  On Sunday morning we decided to walk to church. The buses don't run on Sundays and it would take us about 40 mins.. but we thought it might be the only way we could reach our 10 contacts. There were not too many people on the streets.   By the time we rounded the bend with the church just a minute ahead.. and woman pushing a stroller came walking towards us.  Well! we decided to stop and invite her. She unfortunately had to rush to her friends house.. But she said "I got your little note yesterday".. I thought.. what? who are you?  you got a note from us!?  Syster Sprague with surprise said, Oh! are you Marta!? She said yes.  She was quickly past and headed on her way.  I was stunned. Out of all the people out we run into an old investigator we have gone by a few times but she was never home.  We have noticed that we never just "run into people".  The Lord really guides us and puts people in our path.  Even when they don't want our message. He still wants us to invite them. 

  SO! I love you all and I love this gospel!! Have a great day! 

 Love Syster Schneiber

ps. There are these flowers that have just popped up in the middle of little patches of grass.  Spring is here! it reminded me of the "lupine lady!"... but It also reminded me of Mulan. I looked at Sys Sprague one day riding the bus and told her to look at all the flowers. Then I said.. in my best imitation of Mushu.. "did you see those huns! they popped out of the snow! like daisies!"

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