Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 9: Påskgubbar!

Hej på er!!
We had a white Easter here in Alingsås but it couldn't dampen our spirits. We have been having miracles overflowing. Where to even begin. Tuesday morning we went over to the Relief Society president's house to talk about how we could help with visiting teaching. We walk in and she is on the phone with another member and says "Oh good! the missionaries are here.. you can just talk to them" She hands us the phone and says.. "She has an investigator for you!".  This member was out at a restaurant and one of the servers ended up asking them lots of questions about the church. In the end the dad just said.. we have some Syster missionaries who would love to meet with you and tell you more about the church. We could just give them your number.... YAY! Way to go members!!  And when one member gets started on member missionary work.. the fire spreads. There is nothing more contagious than the desire to be a part of sharing the great news. When we got back to our meeting about visiting teaching.. The Relief Society ended up giving us a referral. YAY!  We haven't been able to teach either of them yet.. but! hopefully this week.  
We have continued to try and contact 10 people a day. We haven't been perfect.. But we have received 8 possible investigators this week. That is the most I have ever received in a whole area.. let alone in one week!  Every time someone says "yah, you can have my number.." I just kinda think.. what in the world.. how is this happening!  My favorite contact was when we were on a train ride to a members house for Easter. We were sitting on one side of the train with three chairs facing another three chairs... on the other side of the train were two chairs facing another two chairs.. (I wish i could just draw a picture).. But no one sat next to us the whole way.. but on the other side of us sat a black guy reading some books. I leaned over to Sys Sp and said.. should we talk to him?  she looked over at him and he said .. that's awkward! He is all the way across the train! This is true.. I said.. but what if he is SEARCHING for something! ..but i didn't know what to say.. So we did some Swedish study. Finally as the train was coming into the station I had a Swedish question.. so I walked over and asked him for help. When I asked him what he was studying.. he said Religion.. hahah Syster Sp thought.. !OF course! I asked him more about his background and if he believed in God.. His response was perfect! I asked if we could switch numbers and talk some more about what he believes.. this is usually where the go all awkward and say.. nooo thanks. BUT! he said yes :)  
Did I tell you about how beautiful Sweden is..? beacuse it is beautiful! Our lake in our backyard is awesome.. especially when we go running as the sun rises. God's creations are amazing. 
We spent part of Easter with an American/Swedish family. We played with their little kids and colored eggs. It always feels good to be with a family and be a part of it. They have been having a rough time too so it was felt good to be there just to help uplift their spirits.  Then our Swedish Easter was with the whole ward!  Easter here is very interesting. They of course do the usual coloring of eggs.. but their Easter coincides with some ancient Swedish traditions with witches. They light up a big bonfire in the evening. It is because they try to keep the witches away.. or something. It is called Påskbrasa. :)  Also the kids dress up as Påskgubbar. They can go around and knock on doors and get candy.. kinda like Halloween. So this word "gubbe" is very interesting. They often call little cute kids.. gubbe.. so I thought it was just like this word to say "cutie" or something. Turns out.. it means "old man".  SO! on påsk the kids dress up as old ladies and old men. It is super funny. On Thursday we went out with the youth and knocked on doors to invite people to the påskbrasa. It was really fun to go out with the youth and get them to knock on doors. We had our elders from our district come up to help us. They took the boys and Syster Sp and I split up with the girls. too much fun. 
Lastly Manal! Our favorite investigator and friend here in Alingsås.  She is from Lebanon and lives in our basement. She is very, very prepared. I love it. She had asked us questions about the temple. So that day we planned to teach about the temple and families. When we told her about what we had planned to teach she stopped us and said.. how did you know! It was a special moment as we were able to testify to her that we are Representatives of Christ and the Spirit guides us to know what each person needs. 
I love being a missionary!

Hope you all are doing wonderful! 

 Love Syster Schneiber!

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