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Oct. 8: General Conference: "Ask the Missionaries"


Well... It was basically Christmas for me this past week. I love having general conference. During the Saturday morning session Sys Werj and I were sitting in the computer room with a woman from America and another wonderful older fellow watching it in English. When President Monson announced the change in age for guys and girls to go on missions ... It was like Santa had personally walked into the room. It was so exciting. I can't believe how different that would have made my life if it had come out when I was 19. I know that God is watching out for each and everyone of us and I really feel like it was the perfect time for me to go when I was 21. If I went when I was 19 I don't think I would have gotten into the nursing program and wouldn't have been able to go to Jerusalem and maybe not even be a counselor for Badger Creek and wouldn't have had the amazing roommates I had etc. Of course maybe these things could have happened when I came back.. but It was all perfect timing for me and guided by a Heavenly Father who loves me.

For Sys Werjefelt it is a little different! She is on a short term mission because she is only 19. BUT NOW!! things are different :) So she has some big decisions to make. Life is exciting.

I loved listening to Nelson's talk "If you don't know what to do about.... ask the missionaries!" It was exciting to sit there and think.. wow He is talking about me! Am I really ready to answer all those questions? Can I really help people with family history? Marital problems? etc.??? Yikes! But I know that our message can solve all problems and I know the Lord's spirit is with me every step of the way. SO! Bring on the problems! Let's test it out with the gospel message!

(christa: I watched some talks in Swedish and I was sooo surprised how much I understood! The first conference i couldn't understand anything in Swedish.. second was better.. this was no problem at all. but it is still way better in English)

I came to conference with a few questions. One major question is what do I do when I go home and I am not a missionary!? How do I keep being a missionary?   These are the two answers I got... 1. Serving people is the most important ever (and the biggest part of service is inviting people to come unto Christ). 2. Follow the spirit Especially when it is inconvenient and uncomfortable (it usually causes the best results :)

What did you all learn/what answers did you get? (CRAZY that i will be home next conference!)

So many small and yet amazing miracles happened this week.. but I just cant write them all! So I hope you can get a feel for how my week was with just a few:

This week syster Werjefelt showed me a scripture that means a lot to her that helped her through a period of time when she was sick. Doctrine and Covenants chapter 101 verse 36-38

"36 Wherefore, fear not even unto death; for in this world your joy is not full, but in me your joy is full. 
37 Therefore, care not for the body, neither the life of the body; but care for the soul, and for the life of the soul. 
38 And seek the face of the Lord always, that in patience ye may possess your souls, and ye shall have eternal life." 

We had the chance to go to a less active who is now in Hospice care (terminal illness where people go before they are going to die). A member told us that he wanted us to visit after he had received a letter we had written him a few weeks ago. We had gone to visit him but he wasn't home so we left him a letter. Well we showed up and talked to him a bit and then Sys W asked if she could read the scripture to him. He responded a little hard and said "No.. I'm not in the right mood for that." She was a little bit taken aback but said okej and we kept talking to him and getting to know him more. As we spoke further to him about his life and his sickness he finally softened up and asked her if she would read it. As she read it a strong feeling came to me that this was the perfect scripture for him to hear. His eyes closed and his body seemed to soften and he seemed to look more peaceful. I had the opportunity to say the closing prayer. Even though I cant give blessings.. I felt as though I searched for the words that God would have him hear. It was a beautiful experience. As we went to leave he looked at us with happier eyes and thanked us for coming.. "it really uplifted me". He said he would like to take the missionary lessons again once he gets back into his home. That was a powerful experience for me.

fear not even unto not for the body, neither the life of the body; but care for the soul, and for the life of the may possess your souls, and ye shall have eternal life.

Another really neat experience this past week happened Monday night. Sys Werjefelt felt like it would be good to take our young single adults and our New convert to the young adult center in Lund (40 mins away by train). It was Sunday night and we were trying to plan. I was a little bit skeptic and at first kept trying to give other ideas. A thought popped into my head.. "Sys Schneiber, be humble and support the ideas of your companion.. she receives revelation also." So I said OK lets do it.
Well Monday came and we got off the train in Lund and found out all of our friends bailed on us! ugg.. That is one thing I am going to try to do when I go back home.. Try not to cancel on people. But it happens. So we were standing there at train station trying to make some decisions. Should we 1. go back home and try and meet with a few other people? we will have about an hour and a half of time before we have to be home. 2. stay at the center and go to their family home evening activity.
problem with staying at the center was.. we really are not supposed to be there unless we have an investigator. We had this one random guy though named nick. Nick is from Romania and we met him sys W's first day on the train back from Stockholm. He sat down and turns out he had met missionaries in Romania and had played sports with them and stuff.. He told us that his mom and dad had died from cancer (he is about 25?) and that is why he has a hard time believing in god. But he doesn't drink and smoke and he wants good friends. Well he called us Sunday night also and we told him that we would be in Lund if he wanted to come meet us. So... maybe he would come. Maybe.

There we stood. The train back to Kristianstad was there and we had the doors were getting ready to close. We both looked at each other.. what do we do!!??! Finally sys W said I don't really want to be at the center. I said me too, lets get on the train! But then she pulled my arm back.. but i feel like maybe we should be there.. we came all the way here.. nick might just come. I stopped. The doors closed.
And the train pulled away. Well! We have to stay here now at least for the next hour till our next train comes. SO we smiled and headed to the center.

Long story short. Nick showed up and it was a great evening! Nick really enjoyed getting to know all the youth and wants to come back.

There was more I wanted to share.. but I'm all pooped out.


Syster Schneiber II

Find people who need service and bring them closer to Christ

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