Monday, October 22, 2012

Oct 1: Simple Blessings


Glad to know you are all doing well otherwise and that the weather is good over there on the west side. I am loving life with my wonderful new companion sys Werjefelt. We laugh.. a lot. This week was a little bit slower than previous weeks. That's just how life is. So one afternoon when our whole evening plans changed we decided to go in search of a less active nearby us. Well as we started out on our bikes after looking at the map, I told sys W.. "I really think I am getting a better sense of direction since I first came here to Sweden."

10-15 mins later we are cycling down a long farm road in the middle of nowhere. We pull over and look at the map.. turns out I took us West instead of south! whoops! So we decided to just keep going that way and go see another less active instead. We couldn't stop laughing for a good while until we could get on our bikes again and start riding. Good thing sys W is patient and likes to laugh :)

We got to visit a less active named Per. He joined the church in his early 30's but became less active. One reason was due to GOLF. He likes to Golf a lot more then he likes to go to church :) As we came into his apt, he had a whole bunch of trophies up around the living room and his golf clubs in the corner. We had a great conversation and asked him if he would like to take the missionary lessons again to see if it helped him in his life. He said yes and that we could come back next week. I am excited to work with him and see if we can help him have a better life. But when you guys come to visit next summer.. he says he can take you out to all the golf places :) hahha

OH ya! I don't know if you remember a guy I taught in Jönköping named Johannes Strömberg. He was a less active that we started teaching. I talked to the missionaries there. Turns out he has taught gospel doctrine the past several weeks, is passing the sacrament, is a wonderful strong active member!!!! When I heard this... I cant even describe to you how I felt. SUPER happy! I didn't get to help anyone get baptized in Jönköping.. but I did get to help Johannes. :)

Even though this week was slower.. lots of simple blessings happened. One day we were coming home from a nearby town.. We didn't really have anything work out right while we were there.. but as we entered the train station we ran into Bao. He is a new member who is Chinese. We had lost him for the past month and he wouldn't return our phone calls. Turns out his phone was broken and we were able to set up another apt with him. see! Little miracles :)

Anther miracle happened on Sunday/Saturday. We got home on Saturday evening and got a phone call. One of the bishopric asked us if we could give talks tomorrow in church.. both 8 mins on the restoration. Sys Werjefelt was nervous about having so little time to prepare and give a talk. This was definitely the shortest time I was ever given. I really only had an hour the next morning to prepare. But I have been through enough experiences already to know that HF will help me be prepared to talk with the time given.

This doesn't mean that the one hour of preparation was that fun.. It is still not easy to write talks especially when you want to give a good talk. For me--I love personal experiences.. so I racked my mind for an experience that would go along with the restoration. I ended up deciding to focus my talk on God is our loving heavenly father and therefore he has given us prophets. I finally came up with the perfect story.

Mom do you remember that time that I asked for a body pillow? and then I forgot all about it. I went to aunt Nancy's for a week or so.. and then when you guys came to pick me up from the bus.. i got in the car and said "mom why don't you cook more home made food like aunt Nancy.." (or something really dumb like that).... I hurt your feelings and you ended up leaving the house for a little while. Well, I remember coming home and feeling terrible... and to make it even worse.. I walked into my room and there I found that body pillow I had asked for a while ago. You had remembered.
What a terrible daughter I was!

I chose this story because I talked about how even though I was a very ungrateful child and didn't deserve your love at all.. you still forgave me and continued to love me. That is just like Heavenly father. We do stupid and dumb things all the time.. He must have to take alot of long "heavenly" car rides to get away for the children for a time :) But he always keeps on loving us and is always there to take us back. And he has shown that throughout time as he has continued again and again to give the world a prophet.

And guess what!! we get to listen to the prophet this upcoming week!! I'M SO EXCITED!
(go to for those reading and who also want to see a prophet speak. Sunday and Saturday)

Well! That is all I have time for. The days are going fast and sooner then you know Ill be back home.. So you should all write me as much as you can !! :) Cuz there is nothing better than writing a missionary. You get blessings from God! ;)

Love Syster Schneiber II

PS. Mom: Our cute little Vietnamese investigator got sick this we didn't get to meet her :( But I'll keep you updated on her. No there are not too many Vietnamese here. She is the only one I have met.

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