Monday, September 24, 2012

Sep 24: Sit and Run

Dear family!

I LOVE MY LIFE! I just love being a missionary. Sys Werjefelt is super awesome. I love her already. Some one asked me if my Swedish has gotten better in this first week.. To answer.. I have definitely already learned some very important new words. Toot :prutta, Burp : rap, Growling stomach: curra (they actually say purring stomach).. :) I thought you guys all might get a laugh out of that.

So I collected my wonderful new companion on wednesday in stockholm. I had to say good bye to Sys Vistaunet. I was sad to leave her. But I will get to see her soon. And then it was back to Kristianstad with Sys Werjefelt. This week has been a whirlwind adventure. As a trainer President said that we should try and have a good scheduled week for our new missionary. Well the first day out Sys Werj and I were running from each lesson. I don't think she was expecting missionary work to be such a good work out. It is interesting because you get to a persons house all out of breath and you sit down and have a great lesson for an hour and then up and out the door you go and running to the bus. You sit for an hour and then run and then sit for another hour and then run. It is a good thing I like running :)

We were walking out of a lesson that first day and we finally got to walk to the bus instead of run. We got to the bus stop and sys Werj looked at me and said "we haven't talked to anyone yet..." I smiled and said ok! How about those two girls. There were two girls walking up to join us at the bus stop. (side note.. sys Werj makes funny awkward sounds) She got this funny look on her face and made one of those funny sounds. So we get on the bus and end up talking to them and they sit next to us. We got to talk to them the whole way back and told them about our purpose and asked them if they would want a Book of Mormon. One of the girls practically jumped out of her seat "Yes!" As we walked away sys Werj and I had big smiles on our faces. That was our favorite moment of the day. That is probably one of my favorite parts of being a missionary... getting to talk to random strangers and tell them about our message.

Some more cool facts about sys Werj. She is 19 and is from stockholm. The reason she is on a short term mission is because she has had the chance to do some member missionary work. In the past year three of her friends have joined the church. That first night as I got to know her better.. it was amazing to hear about the experiences she has had with these three friends of hers. She told me about this change that she saw occur in her friends lives and how much joy it brought her. I have an amazing companion and I am so excited to learn from her.

We had some sad things happen this week but also some very exciting things happen. Two of our strong investigators wont be meeting with us any more. It is really sad when one of these friends chooses not to learn more even after they have had so many great experiences. You really do love them and care for them and want the best in their lives and you have so much hope for them. I hope we will be able to meet with them again. But! With the sad there was some good.

We met with the cutest Vietnamese girl. I had been keeping in contact with her throughout the week and she had texted back that she reads from the BOM every day and loves it! I was getting so excited to meet her. So we sat down on saturday and she told us that she has been talking to a priest from back in Vietnam and he says that this book is not true and it is not worth her time.. etc. etc. My heart dropped. What do we do! But I thought we best start with a prayer before we can go forward. So we said a prayer and then began talking again. We had planned on teaching her about the plan of life but sys W and both felt like we needed to start with the Restoration. This girl is just amazing! At the end of the lesson she said "I trust this man alot.. but I have read this book and I believe it is true. I am going to keep reading it." She is prepared. Often times when we teach people they dont quite get the message that we are teaching. But she got it. We had a member with us, a 15 year old young woman. As we walked out of the lesson she said that was her favorite lesson because it was so cool to see how she really understood our message and see it click and her accept it. I am excited to continue teaching her!

We have another amazing man that we are teaching. His name is Ondrej (andre) and he doesnt speak any English or Swedish. His daughter became a member last year. The missionaries started teaching him a few months ago and his response was.. no i don't want to get baptized. Well they stopped focusing on him and started teaching his son more. But they gave Ondrej a book of Mormon and asked him to read it and he said he would. Well it is now about 4 months later. He is in Heleman now and he wants to get baptized now. It is amazing to see the change that has occurred in this man. He is so sensitive to the spirit and he loves coming to church even though he doesn't understand much. Most of all he loves the Book of Mormon. This change in him is all due to this book. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. The family even had some problems this week with other relatives. The relatives called and said "what are you doing joining this church and why do you go to this church and read this book. its not the bible..etc etc." The member daughter became all upset and was so worried and began to wonder if she had made the right choice. Ondrej stepped in to help and said "This church is TRUE. This book is TRUE. we are going to this church!"

Of course I got all of that from them translating. But it was exciting.

This is all I have time for today. I want you all to know that much much more has happened this week. The Lord has big plans for this branch and he has guided us to people who need us. I am so grateful for prayer and that we can get answers. I get answers everyday to my prayers. I know you can as well.

Thank you for your letters as well!

LOVE SYS schneiber II

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