Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept. 17: Faith to move mountains with the whispering of the spirit

Dearest Family and Friends!

This week we had a baptism! Ingrid was baptized! Roland has to wait for papers to come back because he was a member before. It was a beautiful baptismal service. We were sooo busy that day, I don't know how it all was accomplished. I was worried as we arrived to the chapel 30 mins before hand. We hadn't called any members to remind them to come. 5 mins before there was still almost no one there. We also had some last min problems with the program and other things. But I said a prayer and just felt at peace that everything would go well. As I walked back into the baptismal room there were tons of members just getting seated. We got the programs handed out. The service started and we even had some visitors.. their first time at our church. The most amazing thing to me was that Syster V and I had a musical number. We sang "A child's prayer". We had been practicing for only one day.. and we really were not that good. As we opened our mouths and began to sing.. I had to look quickly up and check were I was. It sounded really good.. I thought.. maybe its just the acoustics. But.. it wasn't.. It just sounded really good. I think I received some heavenly help. Many of the members came up to us and the visitors and said that they felt something really special as we sang. wow.

I also had a really interesting experience this week. Before my mission I found myself in conversations sometimes discussing the different types of "mormons".. I have often heard conversations on "utah mormons" and about judgemental mormons.. etc. Well I was in a group conversation where this topic was brought up.. I have been a part of these a lot of times and participated. But something very interesting happened as I sat and listened. I just felt an uneasy feeling.. It didn't feel uplifting.. and felt very negative to me. I just wanted to leave the conversation or change the subject. I couldn't quite pin what it was that was bothering me. Then I realized it. Being a missionary.. I never really talk about the different levels of members.. if they are bad or if they are judgmental or about the members in UT vs the members outside of UT. I really focus on helping all just want to be better and love one another. I focus on the main doctrinal points of Faith, Repentance, Obedience, and enduring to the end. As Syster V and I walked away from the conversation I asked her how she felt. She felt the exact same way. I don't think I really noticed that by me talking about not good things of other members was gossiping.. or just not really good. But having the chance to be separated from those kinds of discussions.. when I was put back into it.. i noticed right away a different feeling.

I don't know if you really understood that. But the moral of the story is. What are you talking about? Is it uplifting? is it positive? is it kind? The spirit will leave if not. And if you are sensitive you can feel him leaving.

Lastly, there is a goal in the branch from the branch president to have 12 baptisms throughout this year. So far we have had five. I would like to help the branch reach this goal of 12. But through my past 12 months as a missionary.. one would say it would be very very very impossible. We need 7 more people to be baptized in less then 4 months.

We had stake conference this sunday and as Sys V was teaching our friend Lu.. she said "Come to the meeting with a question." I thought.. We are always telling people to do things.. i should do it to. So I had a question... is it possible to have 7 people be baptized? is it the Lords will? I had forgotten about the question during the meeting and then as a woman was speaking I suddenly had the thought.. "remember your question!".. so I quickly looked down at my paper and reminded myself that I was searching for an answer to my question. And then I realized what the woman was talking about. Her talk was directly focused on having faith that through the lord all things are possible. "Lord, I believe, help me my unbelief". I felt a warmth lighten me and felt that was a part of my answer.

I still feel worried and unsure. It seems quite daunting and very unlikely. I dont want to put my hope and try and get all the members hope into something that is not likely to happen.. or maybe isnt the lords will. But I think I am trying to find within me more faith to grasp hold. To believe that.. if the Lord wants to.. 7 people is no problem. I shall go forward with faith. Remember the Lord can move mountains.

I love you all. Sys V is going home. I will be sad to see her go. She is so fun and uplifting and amazing. But I will be having Syster Werjefelt from Stockholm. She is a swede! So it will be an exciting 4ish months to come!

Love Syster Schneiber

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