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Aug 27: In Skona We Teach!

Dear Family!

   This week has been CRAZY! Syster V and I had a hard time deciding
what to write because there was sooo much to write about. So what ever
you get to read today... know there were a lot more miracles that
   Last Monday Sys V and I speeded throughout our cleaning and
writing letters... we didn’t even go shopping for food this week
because the Oremalm couple took us on an excursion to the south.  Our
area goes all the way down to the bottom of Sweden... So we took a road
trip to some of their favorite places. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! One of my
favorite places that we went was called Ale's Stenar. It is like The
Stonehenge in England but smaller. We drove along the coast and ate
some underbar food. Brother Oremalm (Hans) reminds me a lot of Bro
Manning. He is always trying to pull a little prank or say a joke. I
love him!
     Last night we had dinner at their house. 10 mins before we came
he set up a string attached to the curtain and ran it around the couch
along the wall to the other sofa. When we went into the room for our
spiritual thought he sat down in the sofa and picked up the end of the
string without us noticing. He all the sudden started looking out the
windows and said something about a wind. We turn to look out the
window... and suddenly we see the curtain moving. Haha He tried to make
it seem like there was a ghost in the house.
  After our little road trip with the Oremalms we have been running
ever since. I think this week I had the highest number of teaches ever
on my mission. We were non-stop on the go. I am very grateful to have
to opportunity to teach so much because I have really been working on
trying to have the spirit more while I teach.
   Each morning after we have woken up, worked out, eaten breakfast,
gotten ready, and studied for an hour--we have an our of companionship
study where we try and plan for all of these lessons. It is not easy
to know what each person needs and how you can best help them go
forward in their lives. It is just amazing to me that we can come up
with so many lesson plans each day.
     On Thursday we did our usual planning for all the lessons we
would have that day and then headed out the door to our district
meeting. Thursdays lesson was about prayer taught by our District
Leader Äldste Larimaa from Finland. Sys V and I both felt uplifted
and headed back to our area to teach our first lesson with Lu (Chinese
new convert).  We had planned something for Lu but when we got in and
sat down Syster V threw it out and just started teaching about Prayer.
I followed. Lu was trying to sell her apt and she had a deadline and
things were getting pretty stressful for her. We asked her if she had
prayed for help. She said yes. Then we asked her if she thought
Heavenly Father would answer her. Her response was "maybe...".  Well we
stopped her right there and while following the spirit we taught her
about Heavenly Father and his love for Lu and how he will always
answer our prayers...
   We left her house with a peace that filled each of us. There really
is a God who loves us and can help us.  We went back on Saturday to
see how things went and to help her clean out her apt.  She opened the
door and said "Guess what! I sold my apt!"  With a beaming smile she
told us about this random person who had called her last minute and he
offered her more money then she had expected and it all went through
perfectly.   You could see this growth in Lu as she grew a little bit
more in her understanding of God and how he really did love her.
  I also had to give a talk this week for church about the Book of
Mormon and Missionary work.  Seeing as we were so busy this week.... I
could have been a little bit worried about writing this talk.  But I
have grown to know that Heavenly Father will help me accomplish the
things I need to in the time allotted. And even with that knowledge
that it will still be ok... it still is so amazing every time I am done.
I was able to find the perfect scriptures I wanted to use, come up
with a few stories to share, and decide my conclusion. Back home this
could have taken me two weeks with 30 mins each day. Now I can do that
with less then two hours on Saturday and Sunday morning.  Not to
mention this is also in Swedish :) As I got up to speak I prayed for
energy and strength that I would be able to speak from my heart and
not have everyone fall asleep while talking. :)
 And I didn’t see anyone fall asleep!
   Lastly, we have been really trying to contact people and invite
them to learn more along the way... but we have been running around so
much that it is hard to take a moment and contact someone. But we were
headed back on a train from a lesson in a neighboring town. There was
a man sitting across from us with a baby stroller with two kids. Just
last week I had tried to start talking to this man and woman across
the seat from me...  Swedes are not very talkative... so I usually have to
ask a lot of questions to get the conversation going... well this man...
after a few questions stopped and said, "Why are you asking us so many
questions!".... Ugg....
 sometimes experiences like this come back to me right
before I get up the nerves to talk to someone... and I get scared. But
I took a deep breath and with a prayer in my heart started talking to
these little kids and the dad.  Before long we had brought up our
message about families and asked him to learn more. To my AMAZEMENT ...
with out pulling any teeth... he said yah sure... here is my number...
here is my address... WHAT! And this wasn't just a nice Spanish guy we
were talking to. He was a Swede!   So we set up an apt to visit him and
his family the next day.  Sys V and I floated away with bright smiles
on our faces.
           Unfortunately his wife doesn’t want two strangers coming over
to their house... so we are praying that we can find some other way to
meet them.

Well! Life is wonderful and I love being here with Syster V. It is

a little weird that she is going home so soon. But I’m glad I'm not
leaving yet. I still have a few more things to learn and want to
experience a few more miracles.


 Syster Schneiber II

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