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Aug. 20: Welcome to the South

Hello family!
   I am officially in Kristiansand (kri-juan-stad) and I LOVE it!! Oh
my goodness! I feel like I am in South America! I say this because
half of the branch are from Chili. I miss and LOVE Spanish people!
They are just so welcoming. I feel like Spanish and Swedish culture
are opposite.  I also feel like I am in South America because we have
SOOOO many investigators! Wow! I have never had so many people to meet
with at one time.  Syster Vistaunet and I have been running around
like crazy. Quite a few days we don’t have time for dinner or lunch. I
    So my last day in Alingsås was just wonderful. We went to Göteborg
for P-day as usual. For my farewell to Göteborg we decided to go to a
restaurant that is known to have the biggest cinnamon rolls. They are
basically bigger then your face! :) I ate almost a whole one. It was
superb! I will have to take you there when you come to visit. I was
sad to leave Alingsås but I think it was time. A new Syster needs to
get in there and mix things up. I was beginning to recognize someone
everywhere we went.
   So Tuesday morning I headed out on a train and headed down south. I
am now in Malö zone... it is often referred to as "the dirty south".  It
has the reputation of not being a really great place to go. But our
zone leaders, and the stake presidency have been changing things up.
This place is blooming with missionary work! and the Members are a
huge part of it. It is amazing. Right now there is a stake challenge
for everyone to give a Book of Mormon away before the next stake
conference. I think it is a brilliant idea!
   I also must tell you about the amazing people I have met here.
#1. Sammy (changed name due to safety).  WOW. This guy is amazing.
Sammy is from Iran and he is a new convert as of two months ago. I
have never in my life met a new member so prepared and dedicated to
the Lord as Sammy is.  The first day I met him he said "Nice to meet
another soldier in Gods Army."  We were on the way to a member lunch
with Sammy and he wanted to know how to say a word in Swedish. Sys V
and I weren't sure how to say it. So he tapped the young boy in front
of us on the shoulder and asked him how to say the word. After getting
the word he proceeded to introduce himself and then said... "Let me
introduce these two ladies behind you. This is sys V and Sys S. They
are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."
Sammy contacted someone for us! Well... we started talking to him.
Turns out he is Christian and he really would be interested in
learning more!  Oh my goodness. I couldn’t believe it.   Next day Sammy
texts us and says... "do you have a Book of Mormon in Chinese... I have
a friend I would like to give it to."   We got to meet this friend and
invited her to learn more and Sammy invited her to Church... and she
   I LOVE HIM! We should all try and be like Sammy.
   Two other amazing people that I have met are Ingrid and Roland.
Roland was baptized into the church when he was nine but then his
family left the church. He is now in his late thirties. Sys V and her
companion were in the grocery store when he stopped them and started
talking to them. (This is very unusual to have a swede stop and talk to
you...but Roland is special :) So they ask Roland if they can come back
and visit him... he says yes of course. This guy is also one of the
most sincere people I have met and most reliable people I have met. He
is living with his girl friend Ingrid and she is also interested in
our message. Well. Right before I came they had an amazing lesson with
them and invited them to get baptized. and they said yes! or Roland
wants to come back to church and Ingrid wants to get baptized! So they
were about to set a date when the member at the teach was like...
uhh...Systers... what about marriage?? :) Oh! right! So we left them a
pamphlet on Chastity and said we would talk about it next time.  At our
next teach we follow up with them to see how it went... if they read
the pamphlet. Roland takes out the pamphlet and in all seriousness
says "Up to the point that we read this... we were living in sin."
Sys V and I were shocked. It was silent... you could hear the crickets
in the background.........  But then we came back and told them about
repentance. They had told the Systers before that they wanted a big
wedding for their family next year in July. So we offered the idea
that they could have a small wedding soon and then get baptized and
then have the big wedding next year.  They loved the idea! So!! we are
now planning a wedding :)   The ward is calling us the wedding
planners now.  :)
   There is way too much to tell about all the amazing things that
have happened and all the amazing people. But I have to end with my
AMAZING companion :) Syster Vistaunet is a bubble of sunshine with
crazy colors thrown in. that is how I would describe her.
Unfortunately she will be going home sept 20th. So we have decided to
have just work and laugh and sing till we drop! Oh yah! and guess
what! she mixes up the lyrics to songs too!
 I love you all !
 Syster Schneiber II

ps if you want to read sys V's blog you can check it out at ...
 or you can look up Telisa Vistaunet on facebook

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