Monday, August 6, 2012

June 4: Miracles Always Follow

Dear family!

Its been a long time since I've heard from you all ;) What a tricky sister I have! I'm still awaiting my package katie! :) I hope the wedding went well and that it didnt rain too much. I'm glad I could be a small part of the wedding too! yay! I had a dream friday night and it felt so real.. Russ had gotten cancer and the wedding was postponed to the next day. It was terrible. I kept thinking I hope I wake up and its not true.. So! When I heard "Hello this is Russ Hill.. I'm your new brother in law" I knew for sure that the cancer story was all a dream.. phewww..

Wow. I dont know where to begin. The days were a little bit harder starting out.. We had a lot of cancelations and having to come up with a new back up backup plan. But each night my mind was spinning with all of the miracles that happened. God is here. Syster Sprague was also a little sick.. even with all of these challenges we had a very successful week!

here are some miracles:

Wednesday... everyone canceled. So we stopped before heading out and redid the plans. We decided to try and find some old investigators. We come to the first door and knock. A girl probably around 20 with lots of piercings answers the door. We were searching for a guy but he didnt live there. She heard that we were from america and just asked us to come in. I being a little cautious was thinking.. maybe we shouldnt go in.. it smells kinda funny... etc (I was thinking this in my mind). Syster Sprague saw me hesitating and looked at me like.. What are you doing?! Go in! So I shuffle in still trying to keep an escape open. Syster Sprague shakes her head at me and pulls me in further and shuts the door behind me. Shoot! the escape rout is closed. So we come in and sit on her couch. 40 mintutes later... we have explained the plan of salvation and she is still spouting off questions too fast for us to answer. We gave her a book of mormon and asked if we could come back to explain more. She said yes. As we walked out sys sprague looked at me with a gleem in her eyes.. "Do you know how many times I have knocked on a door and gotten invited in?" .. I said no.. (I haven't ever really been trackting)... "Never! That was my first one!" :)

Syster Sprague and I went on a second double date with Viktor's friend Pär. This kid is so awesome! We had planned another time to meet up with Pär and Viktor and decided on friday evening. We could have dinner. Well Viktor--keeping with the theme of the week cancels. Drats!! That was going to be the highlight of our week. Well we text Pär and tell him we still need to eat and if he wants he can join us. He surprisingly said yes! So we meet up at the train center and he has brought another friend. (I think he just didnt want to be with us alone :) As we walked up to greet them its hard to miss the look on his friend, David's face. It read "I DONT want to be here. I cant believe I am about to have dinner with two mormons.... Pär owes me.. alot!" I couldnt help but laugh.. this poor kid. I went straight up to him and asked him how much Pär was paying him to come have dinner with us.. haha. By the end David was smiling and said we weren't all that crazy.

We also got to go back to Anna's house. We couldnt teach her this week.. but we had alittle time to help her clean before her mom came. We had to run at the end and she said ... Wait! Can you come back.. I have more questions! It feels so good to know that someone wants to know about the gospel.. not just use us for service.

We had the most amazing dinner with Monica and Berit. Berit is a member and monica is her friend. Sometimes i cant help but be so grateful for the chance to be a missionary. You just take on the role of the previous missionary... you already have a friendship developed and people open up so much... you get to learn so much from others experiences. I love berit!

Ok last miracle! Sunday we had a lot of miracles.. i dont even have the energy to tell you about them all.. but in the mids of a miracle I had another miracle. We were eating dinner with a family, the missionary pair, and two non-members who we want to become investigators. We had fasted and then broken the fast. I had done alot of talking and trying to make everything go smooth.. but i was feeling really drained. And all the sudden I thought... Oh no! the spiritual message.. we dont have anything planned. ugg.. im too tired to do it. But it would be so important for these two non members. Soooo I went to the bathroom and had a little prayer. "please help me have courage, strength and energy"... Ok maybe this sounds really lame.. but its not always so easy to gather a group of talking people and bring the conversation back to spiritual. So I said the prayer and walked back into the room. I pulled out my BOM and sat down at the table. It was as if I had received energy from picking up the BOM. I felt excited to share something about this book that i love so much. All the sudden I had a great idea of which scripture to share and what question to ask. And sys spr was great and caught on. IT WAS SOO GOOD! and we invited one of the non members (Pär--the one i went on a double date with last week ;) to learn more and he said yah!

OK! enough of the miracles. I LOVE YOU ALL!

syster schneiber

ps mom i got your letter and dad your article! thank yoU!!

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