Monday, August 6, 2012

June 25: Midsommars!

Dear family!
 Sometimes it is so hard to start writing because I just want to keep reading all of your emails!  Man I really do have the greatest family! Sooo! the miracles this week have been amazing! Wow life is just fantabulous! 
         On Monday we were heading home on the train and we didnt have a really well scheduled evening. It is never fun to go back to your work Monday after Pday when you don't have anything set up. BUT! The Lord was leading us. We had planned to go by a few people.. and we went by one of them and she wasn't home.. so we were on our way to the second when we thought to stop by one of our investigators who hasn't really been progressing.. and is usually never home... Leila. She was home and let us come in. Turns out she had been really depressed the whole weekend and hadn't gone to school because she was getting a divorce with her husband. So we had the chance to teach her the plan of salvation. The lesson went really well and at the end we invited her to pray. She was uncomfortable and like usual said .. no you guys do it. But Syster Sprague encouraged her.. and it was wonderful. She said a really sincere prayer and it brought a beautiful spirit. :)  We left and I thought.. wow this day was awesome.. that was a great miracle.
           So we headed to the last person on our list. Melina: She is a less active who stopped going to church when she was 14. She is living with her boy friend right now and she smokes.  Her brother (viktor) just went on his mission. So Melina has some friends who are still active.. one of them named Felix. Well! Felix a while back was talking with Melina and Melina voiced how she really wanted to quit smoking. Felix got real serious and told her.. if you want to quit read the Book of Mormon. So she uploaded it on her iphone and has been trying to read it. So we went by on Monday to give her the non smoking program that we use for our investigators. We knocked on the door and no one was home. So we turned around and there she came walking up the stairs.  YAY! She had just come home from work. Well! We came in and ended up eating dinner with her. She was super excited about the program and even texted her boy friend to get all the things she would need to start. We ended up asking her why she stopped going to church and then invited her to meet with us to see if the gospel could give her more happiness.  She said yes!!! wahoo!  I wish you could have all been there with us. Melina really was happy. You could see her almost glowing as we testified of the purpose of the gospel. So we decided to meet Wednesday and she called up Felix and asked him to come along too.  She called him right there in front of us. We could hear Felix's response when Melina asked him to come meet with the missionaries.. "VA? ja visst vill jag komma!" (what! of course i will come!)  :)  It was awesome.
       Cycling home in the rain.. I couldn't help but smile. If we hadn't gone by Leila's and taught her for 45 mins.. we would have gone to Melina's too early and she wouldn't have been home.
   I feel like Heavenly Father works a lot through timing. I don't always feel a powerful prompting.. "Hey go to Leila's! so that you can go to Melina's"  often times we are just going about the day and doing what we think we should do.. and Heavenly Father leads the way. 
     The same thing happened the next day. We were planning on going by a few other less actives and as we got into town we ended up deciding to walk around the town instead of riding our bikes. Then we started walking the wrong way and thought.. might as well keep going we can visit Alex on the way too. So we decided to visit our list of people backwards.  As we walked under a bridge towards the first house we were going to visit... low and behold! here comes Linnea.. One of the less actives who we were originally planning on visiting first.  Good thing we decided to go backwards or else she wouldn't have been home. We had a great chat with her and she invited us home later on in the week.  :)  YAy! 
    Next day.. same thing! :) We were going to meet Melina in the evening and Felix ended up texting us saying that he would come up to Alingsås at 1230 for a doctors apt. and after that he could help us with missionary work. It was a good thing he came in because Melina had texted us the night before and said she wasn't sure if she really wanted to meet and go back to church. So Felix came in and after his doctor's apt went and talked to Melina at work. She decided to still meet :)  We met up with Felix in town and had a late lunch.  This was also perfect timing from Heavenly Fathers part.  Turns out Felix's dr apt was for his mission... and the results came back not so good. He had a really low blood count and his Hbg levels were super low. The dr was super surprised when the results came back and did it again.. his results said that he was super low on blood and it was acute. Felix had a colostomy two years ago.. and he had it for about a year. But i guess he had been loosing a lot of blood the past little while. So Felix was super bummed about the test results.. he really just wants to go on a mission. He has already had to wait a long time. It was perfect that he got to be with us the rest of the day. MIRACLES happened everywhere we went. It was exactly what Felix needed to see.  The Lord was guiding us throughout the day to make sure that we would see and talk to the people we needed to talk to. It was a bigger testimony to Felix that the Lord is also leading his life and that it would all be ok.  Melina's teach that night was wonderful as well and we all walked away feeling the spirit. 
      ok ok! last miracle!!! Manal! if you remember our amazing investigator from Lebanon. Turns out .. she probably wont be coming back to Sweden. But! we got permission to call the branch president in Lebanon.  We tried finally got through to him Thursday night. He is from America but most of the branch is Lebanese and its about 40 strong members. and!! Turns out Lebanon just got permission from the 12 to have missionaries! they have 4 french speaking missionaries coming in and a Canadian couple. wahoO!! so we are hoping that they will be able to take care of our dear Manal. 
    o ya.. we also have a wonderful little old funny man named Lennart who might get baptized this Saturday.. they announced it on Sunday.. and he got really freaked out and said he didn't want to get baptized.. sooo! we shall see how it goes :) The ward was really great in helping him know that he can take his time.. half the ward saw him shaking his head after they announced it from the pulpit. whoopps.. moral of the story.. don't announce baptisms over the mic ? ;)
   You are probably all tired out of hearing about miracles.. sooO! Just know that this week was amazing. and that I am doing super fantastic! :)  I love syster sprague still and we are learning and growing lots. We also had Midsommars this week.. which is as big as Christmas. We had an extra Pday and had an awesome time. I will try and send pictures.  

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