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Aug 13: Can one have too many miracles in a week?? pshhh nahh Never!

It is always hard for me to come up with cool subject lines... hummm.
   Family! It was wonderful to hear from you all this week. I feel
very strange as a missionary right now. I am moving to my last area as
a missionary tomorrow. Kristianstan (Kri-juan(said spanish
like)-stad). I will be with Syster Vistaunet until September 20ish
when she goes home and then I will get a new missionary. Then I will
be with her for a little over 12 weeks... and my time is done as a
missionary. AHHHH YIKES!
    Yesterday was a wonderful last Sunday here in Alingsås. I love
this ward. I can't wait for you to meet them. I already told some of
them to expect to meet my family when I come back. :) Even though I
have been far far away from my family this summer Alingsås ward has
taken me in to their family. I'm going to miss these wonderful people.
      The most amazing part of yesterday was that Anna came to
church!!!  Anna is about 35 ish and she has two adorable kids. Alice
and Algot. Algot has Down syndrome and is about 2. Anna is a single
mother and we became friends through her friend Frida Mattson (who is
a member of the ward).  Anna is amazing! I love her so much and I have
loved getting to serve and teach her. This week we were over at her
house and we were talking about how it was going with Prayer. She has
never really prayed before and has had some negative experiences with
Christianity before hand... but now she wants to find out if there
really is a God. So she has been testing out praying. She said that
she finally just prayed and asked "Is what Frida is telling me... is it
all true?"  She then turned on the TV and a Mormon documentary was on
:)  That is not usual. She smiled and said... maybe that could be a
sign! :)
         SO! We rode our bikes over Sunday morning and helped the kids
get dressed and all loaded up in the car. I forgot how much it takes
to get a whole family to church compared to just little ol' me.   She
pulled into the parking lot... tons of other members in the parking
lot.  I couldn’t help but put myself in Anna's shoes and imagine
driving up into this parking lot with lots of other people all around
who know each other... and you know almost no one... I would be a little
nervous and not even want to drive into the parking lot.  BUT! Not to
worry we were there with her. We got out and Frida and her two girls
walked over to meet us.  We walked into the church... and it just went
perfectly! Everyone was so nice to Anna and Algot and Alice. They fit
in perfectly with the ward.  There was a baby blessing that day (The
Shrope family! I love them) and so there were a lot of visitors at
       I leaned over to tell one of the members that it was Anna's
first time at church... His eyes went wide... He thought she was just
from another ward :)  YAY!! So I am very sad to leave Anna but I know
sys Talbot will take care of her. (I will send pictures of Anna)
   I was telling Syster Talbot during our personal study time that
there were toooo many miracles this week. I had a challenge getting
them all down in my journal.
 So... I will just stick with one more amazing story. Every night in my
nightly prayer as I "counsel with the Lord" (Alma 37:37) I try and
make two goals for the next day to try and be a little better. This
week a common one was prayer more often and more sincere.
  Saturday evening our lessons were canceled. We decided to head over
to this one area... but no one that we had wanted to see was home. I
felt pretty down. This was my second to last evening here in Alingsås.
I have been here for 5 months. Shouldn't I be with a whole bunch of
people who love me instead of out on the empty streets? So we had
about 15 more minutes till the bus came. We had one goal still
unaccomplished for the day.... we really wanted to get one more
investigator. We talked this over... but there was no one really out...
so we decided we could walk to the bus stop and start planning if no
one else was out. Well I had a silent prayer that if at all possible
we could reach this goal... and Almost more for Syster Talbot’s sake so
that she could feel happy and successful for the day.  We rounded the
corner about 2 meters from the bus stop and a girl walking her dog was
walking towards us. I turned to sys T and asked... should we contact
her... yah why not. We stopped and petted her dog and started talking.
   Turns out! Syster Erickson and Sprague helped her move into her apt
in March... and she knows one of the youth in the ward because she is
her teacher!! We asked her what she believes and if she would like to
learn more... she said yah! Sure... come back on Tuesday... WHAT!
       Please note. This is not normal in Sweden.

That was amazing! So Syster Talbot and Jackobs will be visiting her

next week :)  Heavenly Father answers prayers.

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