Monday, August 6, 2012

June 11: Sacrifice

Kära Familj!

It is not summer here in sweden. It has decided to go back to spring. Lots of rain and clouds. But that can't stop the dynamic syster S's. Lots of people got called this week to be transfered. But not syster sprague and I! yahhoO! so we are excited. We think we will be together till July. We have much to do! We have 5 awesome investigators that we have much hope for. All of them are swedish and most of them are member's friends. This makes the chances of them accepting the gospel and going to the temple one day much higher. I just keep imagining each of them and how their lives could change if they accept the gospel. There is so much more to life! This morning I read a talk from the converense addition of the liahona.. the talk from Oaks called sacrifice. I loved how he talked about our lives are offerings to the Lord. He talks about a few different examples of how members sacrifice things for the Lord. One being missionaries, others being temple workers. But my favorite part was his last one. Possibly one of the greatest sacrifices we as church members make are in our families. Mothers and fathers and what they sacrifice for the family. Others on the outside might say... this isnt worth it if you have to sacrifice so much. But it truley i the sacrifice that makes it all the better and so worth it. I cant tell you how many times I tell people how grateful I am for the gospel in my family and how it affected my life. I totally have the best family ever! :)

I dont have much time today to write.. so just know I am doing fabulous!! and love life :) I cant tell you how blessed I feel to have this chance to sacrifice for the Lord.

Love syster Schneiber


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