Monday, August 6, 2012

June 18: Falafel

So some miralces from this week! We went over to Kathe and George this week. I think I have talked about them before but they are in their late 80's and the cutest couple in the world. I will have to send a picture. Kathe is the one who joined the church as a young mother and George followed when he was 68. wow! All she talks about is how much she loves george and how much she wants every one to know about the gospel. She is sOOO cute! We went on a little walk with her again and she said "I want to go this way so that everyone can see you two wonderful missionaries!" :) Well we sat down after our walk and gave them our message--to invite someone to church. Last time we were there they told us about this woman named Elizabeth who is a poet. Kathe met Elizabeth at the library and Elizabeth gave Kathe her book she had written. Kathe took it home to read and came upon a poem about how she was searching for God. Kathe immediatly told George.. "THis woman is searching for the church!" ... They got incontact with her through the library and kathe invited her over for dinner to express her appreciation to her and to tell her about the church. What GUTts this woman has!! I hope i can be like her when i go home. Well Elizabeth came for dinner and Kathe told her all about how she had come to find the church. Kathe told us all about the experience when we went on our walk. Kathe was hoping that she would call back and want to come again.. George was laughing and said hopefully she isnt scared away. Right then!.. the phone rings. Guess who it is. Elizabeth! And guess what she was so interested about the premortal life.. she had been thinking about it. So what did Kathe do.. She just invited her over and said these two syster missionaries can come too and they can tell you all about it. LOVE IT! I couldnt believe my eyes as I sat there listening to Kathe invited her to learn more about the church. This was a little miracle that made my day. probably made my week. So we are going to have dinner with them this saterday. Elizabeth is 78ish.. but better late then never ;)

Manal! Our favorite investigator from Lebanon. She came back last week! We had the greatest Pday ever. We just hung out in Alingsås with her. We even made home-made falafals! It was delish... :) We had a great lesson with her to see were she is with the gospel and wanting to get baptized. Of course she just needs a real confirmation of the Book of Mormon. We totally agree. We also spoke quite a bit about how she would attend church in Lebanon or how the church will work there. She really isn't too worried in her words, "If there's a will there's a way." She is already willing to build up the church if that is what needs to happen. Love her! That would be so cool!

So thursday we had a little miracle with the sad news. We were unsure of what to do for our evening. We contemplated going home or not and it took us forever to make a decision. We almost got off the bus 3 times and finally got all the way home. In the parking lot was a friend of Kanaans (Manal's husband) and Manal were waiting for him to come home. Turns out Kanaan's mom died. Within 3 minutes he came home and we were able to be there for him. Wow! What a miracle! We then made them dinner because they had no time. Manal and Kanaan packed and booked plane tickets for the next morning. It felt so good to serve in such a desperate time of need. I was so thankful to the Lord and his spirit that led us home where we were needed. It was really hard for Kanaan.. he has now lost both his parents. We sat in the bedroom for a little while helping.. and it was so sad and hard to listen to this man who is so strong.. cry. He has a hard time believing in God and Manal is very much the oppostite.

So.. We will see when she comes back.

Well! I think that is enough miracles for the day. I love you all and want you to know that I pray for you all.

LOVE Syster Schneiber

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