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July 16: "I dont care... cuz I'm getting transfered" (The Missionary Next Door)

Dear Family,

 I heard a funny quote this week. In the bible during Noah's time it rained 40 days and 40 nights and it was a catastrophe... here in sweden its just summer. :)  It has rained ALOT.  And yet we seem to have great luck or someone watching out for us... because often times when we get on our bikes the rain lets up and when we get inside it begins to down pour again.  So I'm staying mostly dry. Especially with my awesome red raincoat.
    You all have an assignment this week. Find "The missionary next door" by Diana H. Hoelscher.  It is a fireside about how to be a member missionary. It is AMAZING. We found it at the church and listened to it during lunch one day. We were so inspired that we decided to do a fireside for our own youth here in Alingsås. We listened to parts of it and then did discussed how they could apply it to their lives. It was super fun. I was so impressed by the youth too because they could listen to it in English. It was definitely something that would put them out of their comfort zone.. but this woman Diana and her family helped 30 people become members.   I am definitely planning on applying somethings they did in their family. Let me know what you think about it.     Do you remember Alana from last week? She had gone to the baptism and felt the spirit and asked when she could get baptized. Well she was supposed to get baptized sunday. So we called wednesday to see if it was still going to happen so we could invite people. Turns out only 1 hour before.. she had decided to get baptized THAT day!  She is shy and didnt want alot of people there but she said she would really love to have us there.  So we had a fast change of our plans.. we threw together some cookies.. had a quick teach with an investigator and sprinted to the train. We then put together a baptism that was done in one day and it was beautiful! We met her at the baptism the week before and were able to teach her and show her around the church for her first time while the other sisters were super busy. We were happy to jump in. Especially after about 3 min.. We asked her some question and she broke into tears just ready to accept the gospel. I really have never met someone so so so ready and searching and able to recognize instantly the difference in our church and in the chapel. She was craving! Hungry!  I really love Alana and I was so happy to have met her and be a little part of her conversion. The baptism was wonderful and she said she felt so at peace.
We met this really cute old couple a while back named Claus and Yvonne. They are probably in their 60's or 70's. Claus talks ALOT and
he is soooo sweet. He loves sys Sprague and I. We met them because
they were interested in Family History work and Claus grew up with one
of the area 70's here in sweden. He has tons of questions about the
church and thinks we are great.. but not at all interested in stepping
foot in the chapel. Well sys Sp. and I thought we had better go visit
them one last time before sys sprague heads out. We show up and Yvonne
pulls out this huge tray of magnificence! It is called a
smörgåstårta.It means a sandwich cake. its like a big layered sandwich
with egg on the first level and tuna on the second and on the top mayo
with cucumbers, shrimp, tomatoes.. it was beautiful and SOOO good. I
will send a picture.
    you know me.. i love food. :)

    Other then that we have been working hard here in Alignsås. We
have been working with some less actives who are making progress. This
gives me some of the greatest joys. We also went back to Lennart (the
one who was going to get baptized) to say goodbye for sys spr.  Found
out he is still reading the BOM. And he has read up to ch 16 in the
gospel principles book. :) SOO! there is hope. We also have a cool
investigator who says he will get baptized.. but never shows up to his
appointments.  Just the simple joys of missionary work.. :)  I am
going to try very hard to always be on time to my appointments in
future life.

 I gave a talk this week at church about Faith and Prayer--a source
of personal growth. I felt like this topic was exactly what I needed
to hear. Syster Sprague and I have been doing something every night
that I really like.  Each night as we have our evening prayers we pick
two things that we want to repent of.. or to work on and be better at.
Then the next day we have that as our background focus. It has been a
great source of learning more about who I am and communicating with
Heavenly Father. Sometimes I feel like it is so hard to change. But by
small and simple steps anything is possible. Then the next night in
prayer we see how we did on those goals. It is a great way to repent


    Exciting news... We have a change in Alingsås!  Syster Sprague is moving to Västerhaninge aka temple square. She will be with sys
B (she went to Harvard and she is super cool). I will be getting
syster Talbot. She is from Orem UT. Soooo Syster Sprague and I have
deceided that we are ok to finally get a new companion. We love each
other and have so much fun.. but we decided maybe it is time we get
someone new so that we can continue to keep growing :)  So it will be
a good move.

     Lastly, in relief society we talked about "simpleness"  and how we need to focus on the simpleness of the gospel. How often do we get
overwhelmed by all the things we "need" to do in this world.. and also
in the gospel. One can easily feel that they are not good enough and
begin to loose sight of why they even are a member of the church.  So
my challenge to you this week is to pause... shrug off all those
feelings of duty and "to-do lists" and remember WHY is it you do all
these things.

It is because of the joy you receive from the gospel.
Just like when you find this amazing receipt and it was soooo good.
You just gotta share this new found secret you have with others. You
want them too to taste of this joy.  SO yes! remember that. Dad wrote
me an email about that on the beginning of my mission when I was
having a hard time with my testimony.  This gospel isnt to enslave and
break you down. It is to uplift and create a better life.

 One guy asks his neighbor.. "Do you belive in God?".. the other is
hesitant and unsure.. "no not really..."  The guy responds "Well, God
believes in you."

Well.. I love you all!
 Love Syster Schneiber  :)

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