Monday, August 6, 2012

May 28: Summer Is Here!

dear family!

well! this week has been as marvelous as ever :) Let me just say summer came and it came fast. Last week it rained. This week it was sunnnny! Almost too sunny for sys sprague and me. We are so used to the cold. But with the sun comes more people! It feels like the town has doubled!

I had a chance during the week to talk to Maj (from Uppsala). She is having a hard time with things. It was WONDERFUL to talk to this amazing woman. I can't even describe how much I have grown to love her. Its amazing that special bond that is created when you help bring them into the gospel. I cant wait till you can meet her. :)

Alingsås has been so nice and we had amazing streak of member teaches. It was almost one everyday! Having members on teaches is HUGE! it makes the biggest difference. So you should all go out with the missionaries. :) The coolest part was that three of them are members friends. The member did the setting up of the appointment and we just got to follow along. ah man! it was amazing. This week we are meeting two more. The way this ward has shot up is astounding. Sometimes I feel like I never want to leave. I almost don't want to teach without a member they bring so much to the table that we simply cannot. Those investigators need them.

Here are some other fun moments from the week:

This week we went on a double date! haha ok not really. I went with Pär (the to be investigator) and Sys sprague went with our fabulous to be missionary Viktor! Viktor has grown up with Pär and asked him if he wanted to meet up. We had fika (a little snack) outside of a cafe and got to know Pär. He thinks "mormon girls are cool!" He has asked Viktor about the church a lot.. so we are hoping he shows more intereseted in the church than us. We shall see what happens.

Viktor has a little syster who is having a hard time with the church. Sofia! We love her. She is super cute. We finally were able to meet up and have ice cream. (perfect for this hot weather). It was amazing!!! She opened up and told us about whats going on in her life now and what happened that made her start going in-active. She is a really strong girl. We have convinced her to go to EFY!!!!! WAHOOO!! We secretly want to go with her ;) you think the president would approve? And the ice cream was super tasty! It was really good that Syster Sprauge is my companion because she has had a similar time period in her life where she went inactive. That morning before we went out I asked syster sprague if she had told Sofia about her life. She looked at me with some hesitation... nooo and i dont really want to. She said, it feels hard for her to tell these stories. But, as we sat there... the ice cream must have loosened her up because out came her story! I love hearing about peoples inactive periods in their lives and why they chose to come back and if the gospel really did make them happier.

WE PLAYED KUBB!!!!!!! for district meeting on wednesday. It was a good thing i was there because they didnt quite remember all the rules. Of course due to my intense mother.. I KNOW THE RULES. It brought back some good memories. Just in case you were wondering.. the missionaries are not quite as intense. ;) And I am still just as bad as ever.. but so are all of them.. so it equaled out.

Lastly, I love studying my scriptures every morning. I dont know how it works.. but without fail I always feel a sense of peace that comes over me. And it gets even better when syster sprague and I get to talk about it during our companionship study. One day we were in the middle of a great discussion and my clock beeped (signaling the end of the hour.. also the end of companionship study and time to do language study)... I couldn't help by let out a sound of disappointment "ah, Dang it!" I caught syster sprague off guard and she just bust up laughing. Since then every time it beeps we say "ah dang it!" We just love our spiritual discussions.. what can i say!


KATIE!! HAVE A GREAT WEDDING!! WISH I WAS THERE!! I got your invite and i have you hanging up on my wall by my bed.. so every morning you and russ are looking down at me.. kinda creepy sometimes hah


love Syster Schneiber II


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