Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aug. 13: Pictures

Me and Syster Talbot!
 Sunset on the roof
Christer Callgard!! (a less active who we have been meeting with.
He is awesome! and he came to church this Sunday.. what a stud!)
1. Anna and Algot
2. Me and Anna's family Alice and Algot (little girl with the curly
blond hair is just a friend)
Dead bones cremated at Lennarts work! ( of my favorite
members works at a crematorium!)
 Bian and Leila at the Hägglunds! (most amazing miracle ever! Our
investigator Leila and her son Bian came to eat dinner with us at the
Hägglunds house!!)
 the couch (we didnt have a couch.. and anna didnt want her couch!
no problem with the help of some of the boys in the ward! Sys T is so
happy now :)

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