Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sept. 3: Exact Obedience

WOW! Being a missionary is amazing!

As missionaries.. we have some extra rules. One of them is not being alone with a man.. That includes getting rides in a car. It is for our protection.. but sometimes it can be a little hard to follow. But! With each of these rules that we keep God has promised that we will be blessed. I have decided to end my last 4 months as a missionary with a goal to be exactly obedient.

With every goal comes a test...

We had a dinner set up with a member family that live about 20 mins away by bus with our investigator/friend Pablo. Pablo's sister would be coming too so he offered a ride and we accepted. It was about an hour before and I felt that.. no.. the sister wont be able to come.. we are going to need to take the bus. I looked at my watch. There was only one bus we could take. The next one didn't leave for another hour and then it would be too late. We had about 10 mins before the bus left. I checked the phone to see if Pablo had called to say that his sister couldnt come.. but I didnt see any call. So we headed to put our bikes in our apt and use the bathroom before Pablo came. As we walked into the apt I looked at the phone again and saw that Pablo had actually called us! I quickly called him back. Yup. My suspicions were right.. the sister wouldn't be coming. I told sys V.

By now we had about 3 mins before the bus left. We looked at each other and ran out the door. Down the elevator. Over across the street. Two streets over. Running to the closest bus stop to our apt. The bus would be leaving from the central station and we weren't positive if the bus would come by this bus stop.. it could take another route. But we thought we had to try.

I kept thinking as we ran. Heavenly Father.. if you want us to be obedient.. you are going to have to help us keep these rules.. Help the bus to come! I couldn't help but think we look ridiculous...and I started laughing as we were running. (it is hard to laugh and run at the same time :) I thought "I cant believe we are running to try and catch a bus that might not even come to this bus stop when we have a ride scheduled... only as a missionary!"

We slow down as we see the train stop in sight. There was a girl waiting outside the bus stop. Ahead we can see a bus coming. We sprint again.

Well.. Of course. It was the exact bus we needed. It was 5 mins late too. This was a very big miracle for me. I really really wanted to keep this rule and I don't know what we would have done if we missed it. I have full confidence that there is a God who cares about what I care about. This isn't even where the miracle ends. After we got out there.. we only had two choices stay at their house for three hours until the next bus comes or take the next one in 45 mins. We ate dinner and gave a message in less then 45 mins and made the bus.

ps. as a missionary.. i have never had a dinner and teach in so little time. And we didn't even feel rushed! I'm pretty sure God stopped the time for us :)

WELL! Other amazing things happened this week too.

We gave a combined Relief Society, Priesthood, Young Men and Young Woman lesson yesterday in church. It was about being a member missionary. It went GREAT! As we got up to speak I didn't feel nervous at all and had no problems with doing it all in Swedish. It wasn't until after we were done and we sat down that I realized.. i just gave a big lesson to a whole bunch of adults.. for 40 mins.. in Swedish.. and it went really well. I think an even bigger miracle for me was that we were able to have time to prepare for the fireside and that we were able to come up with something to teach about. I have full confidence also that I wouldn't be able to do what I do each day without Heavenly Father's help. Things just work out too perfectly. God's timing is the best. We have been planning for over 6 lessons everyday in less the one hour and the lessons are exactly what each person needs.

If you aren't going with God's timing .. you should get on it! Because it is great!

I also got to use my piano skills this week! Please said a big THANK YOU to Irene Lysenko.. because I got to be the choir pianist on Thursday. It truly was a miracle :) We had our lesson with Ingrid before choir. She is just learning how to pray and she feels like she can never remember what to say when she is in the middle of prayers. So we have been helping her know what to pray. But this time as we asked her to say the closing prayer.. she said "thank you for this time we could be together.. and please bless syster schneiber that she can play the piano."

I'm pretty sure it was Ingrid's prayer that did the trick! It was by no means good.. I gave the first few starting notes playing only the right hand.. and then would come in at certain parts. But I think it helped a lot. :)

Note to all future missionaries.. Learn to play the piano. I will be repenting and learning more when I come back home :)

We also had the most amazing and best zone conference ever this week. A general authority came, Elder Kearon from England. I LOVE being a member of this church. I know it is the only true Church upon the earth. This was reaffirmed to me as I sat listening to the conference. This gospel really does fill me up with so much joy. The last part of the conference was question and answer. I didn't ask a question.. but the three questions I had in my mind were asked by other missionaries and I received answers to prayers that I have been having for the past 6 months.

I wish I had more time. But! not to worry! I'll write you next week

Love you all!
Syster Schneiber II

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