Monday, January 30, 2012

A Bus Driver and A Baby Stroller - Jan. 9, 2012

Dear Family,
Did you know you are all so awesome! All of your letters inspire me! So thank you for the time and energy you put in to write me about the daily dealings of life elsewhere.
SO onto the wonderful happenings in the little town called Jönköping! This week has been miracles galore! Lets start off with the sad news though. Syster Dabb is being transferred for her last month to another area and she and Syster Erickson will be together! Ahh I'm slightly envious... because they are going to just rock that town... but there is still work to be done here in Jönköping and Syster Juker will be here to help me. She came in May of last year... so she will be the experienced one :)  I am sad I will be loosing Syster Dabb. I have learned a lot from her and I feel like there is more she can teach me. But the Lord must have something else in store for me. 
Onto the Miracles! At the beginning of the week we finally got to meet with a Less Active and his wife (not a member). She is a member of a Pentecostal church.  This was my first time meeting with both of them... So I didn't really know where either of them stood. We sat down in their living room and started with a prayer... and then just made our purpose clear and simple. We wanted to know if they were interested in making the church a part of their lives. Pär (the less active) was awesome! His wife was interested a little while ago in the church but became very closed off... and didn't want to learn more. So we invited her to read and ask God herself if this was the right path to take. We think she is scared to leave the society of the church she has been with.  She has stopped going to her church though because of some problems and Pär is all for coming back to church. He knows this is the true church but says he got burnt out with serving too much... As she said she would try it... Pär just smiled and said, "it’s a new year and we are going to be starting with becoming Mormons"... His wife just looked at him and was like... well I have to pray and see if its true... His response was... I already know what’s going to happen. ! Ah it was just beautiful. I love it when people know the church is true.
We were coming up towards the end of the week and Friday and Saturday were looking pretty blank. It made me feel a little nervous. I dint like not having anything planned. But Syster Dabb told me not to worry and that the Lord would provide things for us to do. So I didn't and on Thursday things just started happening. We went out to the outskirts of town in hopes of finding some less actives. On our way to a house we saw a man with a little kid in a stroller... but we didn't stop him.  On our way back guess who walked by us again! So we stopped him and told him about how families could be together forever. And!! He said he was interested and would like us to come by and share more with his family. We scheduled him for Saturday! As we went home that evening a young man got on the bus last second. He spoke English to the bus driver and so I thought I'd say hi and find out where he is from. Turns out! He sat by a member last week on the bus while she was reading her scriptures. He wanted to know more when she found out she was a member of the church because he has seen missionaries everywhere. (God hinting to him!)  She invited him to church but didn’t have time to get any of his information. He didn’t end up coming to church... but not to worry! The Lord put him in our path! So we scheduled him for Friday! 
The miracles keep coming! Friday evening we got on the bus on our way home. Turns out it ended up being the same bus driver we had been with twice previously that same day. When we got on the bus he smiled at us and said... are you with the FBI? Are you following me!?  We laughed and just told him we were missionaries for the church. As we were about to get off we went up and told him thank you for being so nice. He asked us if we were JW... we said no and explained a little more. His next response was, "well aren’t you going to ask me if I'm interested to learn more?"... I thought I heard him wrong... so Syster Dabb said "uhh... do you want to learn more?"... yes. So then she gave him a card and showed him the website and showed him our number... and then said "well... can we have your number"... yes... and then we got off the bus!  CRAZY! I called him yesterday to ask when we could meet. He said "I looked at the website and I see that church starts at 11... but this week I have to work on Sunday. Can I meet with you later on in the week?" AHH! It was wonderful!  
So I will have to let you know how all of this turns out next week.
This week I have been studying about faith again.  It is a timeless classic that I keep coming back to and every time I learn something new.  As we had these miracles happen... I never really felt a "prompting" to go talk to them. Or any strong feelings as we talked to them. It just sorta happened. And I walk away all confused. How did that just happen!?  But I think I'm coming to the conclusion... that it’s true. Faith comes by living the principles of the gospel and miracles happen after you put in the work.  But it never comes by your own means.  The Lord always shows you that--hey you did a good job, but remember all of this is because of me.  Kinda amazing. And I wouldn't have it any other way.  It is what gives me peace when change is coming. Even with a new companion coming in... and me still not feeling like I know my way around or know all the people.... the Lord will take care of us.
 I know this to be true. The Lord loves us and as long as we try to do our best... he works along side you and does the rest.
 Love Syster Schneiber

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