Monday, January 30, 2012

Pictures at a Mustache Party

We went over to the Rassmussens (couple missionary in our ward)  for New Years Eve and we opened the door to see that they had these mustaches on. So we had a mustache party! It was the second mustache party of my life!
2. Elder and Syster rassmussen :)
This is one of my favorite old men of all history. His name is Torsten Wiklöf. There is too much to say about him so I will just tell you when I get home. But short, he is in the hospital because he is really sick and they don't know if he is going to make it. I love him!!!
Our little district... our last district meeting. us. the rasmussens and elder werner and kinnunen. We had a lot of fun together.
us sitting in the sun. It was 12.00 and it was sunny for the first time in a week and a half. I almost didn't get on the bus so I could just sit in the sun longer. :) We were just loving our lives.

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