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Feb. 13: Being the Fruit

What a great day to be alive!
I love Syster Juker and I am so grateful to have her as my companion. She is very patient with all of my habits and weaknesses.  This week was a little rough on me mentally. We had some great lessons.. but sometimes you just have harder days.  I think one of the hardest things about being a missionary is having this great message and wanting to share it with others--but them not wanting it.  Sometimes after so many rejections you look back at this product you are holding in your hand.. and you wonder is this product really that good if no one wants it?!  Also one can wonder.. maybe I'm just not a good salesman. Maybe I am just not that great of a missionary. Maybe the big boss upstairs (God) isn't really happy with the work that I am putting in because I don't seem to be having any success or returns.
BUT! this is all just silly thoughts. I am so grateful for the scriptures. Right now I am at the beginning of Alma. Alma has decided to leave his post as Judge and go out and preach to the people. In one town he is accepted but in others.. in Ammonihah they cast him out and tell him not to come back.  He is "weighed down with sorrow, wading through much tribulation and anguish of soul because of the wickedness of the people."
I can understand his feelings. But as he is feeling terrible an angel comes to him and tells him to "lift up thy head and rejoice, for thou hast great cause to rejoice, for thou hast been faithful in keeping the commandments of God..."
Just because people don't believe in our message.. it doesn't make it any less true. In church we talked about Lehi's dream about the tree of life.  We talked about how the tree represents Christ and the fruit represents the Atonement.  And this time when I read the verse that described the "great and spacious building" I realized how that connected to my life.  Just because all those people who chose to go to the building instead of partaking of Christ's atonement didn't make the tree any less real. In fact those that endured and made it to the tree and stayed said, "we heeded them not."   There were always going to be many people in that great building.. so don't let that get you discouraged. heed them not.  I made a comment about that in class and after a member came up to me to explain his view on it.  He said, often times people on the streets that you talk to have never tasted of this "fruit" you are selling.. they don't understand how good it is.  But when we as members partake of the fruit.. we in a way become the fruit ourselves. So those that we come in contact and interact with they get a small taste of the fruit and can understand how good it is.  Members have such a great chance to affect those they are around. You are an extension of Christ to the whole world. How cool is that.
So! I am back on my feet and ready to heed them not and continue to give others a chance to taste of the fruit of Christ.
On a more basic level.. some little things that made my day.
  Jönköping is on part of a big lake. There is a big island in the middle of the lake and we have a member family living on it. Since they have moved to the island they have become inactive.. So! We got to take the ferry out and visit them.  I love living on a lake! At the end I kinda became a little bold and promised them blessings if they came to church again.  They are just tired and don't like waking up to get to take the ferry to church.  Sometimes it is hard to figure out what is the best thing to say to people.  You don't want to offend them but you also want to be bold and help them "repent" and come back to Church. 
Syster Juker and I have been trying to spread acts of love where ever we go. The less active girl I told you about last week who's boyfriend died.. we cut out a bunch of hearts and wrote our favorite scriptures and quotes on them  and we are going to go and "heart attack" her door this week.  It feels great to do nice things for others.
I think my favorite part about being a missionary is getting to teach others about Christ and his gospel and see them change as they follow his path.  We are teaching a girl named Sabrina from China. She is atheist. This week we told her about Joseph Smiths experience. We watched the restoration and asked her how she could follow Joseph Smiths experience to find out if God exists. It was awesome. We asked her to be baptized and she looked a little taken aback.. and went silent and then said.. I don't know. And that is OK. We told her that is fine.. But think about it this way.. "If there was a tutor in your school that you wanted to talk to about your paper.. do you think he would give you all this advice if you were not going to take his advice."  Why would God show himself to you if you were not going to follow him after he revealed himself?  That is why we are supposed to invite people to be baptized on the first or second lesson. :) 
  I love you all. Know that I am praying for you.
 Love Syster Schneiber
ps. did I mention i love being a missionary. and I love my Swedish scriptures!
1. Semlor!! The easter treat for the season. It is wonderful! Sarah Williamson and I tried to make them one time.. I have to admit they taste a lot better here in sweden :)
2.  We went on the ferry!
3.  Syster Juker and I

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