Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nov. 5: hej hej!

Dear Family,

This week was sick week. Syster Werjefelt, She had magsjuck (stomach flue) on Wednesday and we stayed in all day. Usually those days are really hard for me. But I was productive and did a lot of good work at home and sys Werj was a great sport and a happy sick person.

We had so many great positive people we were going to meet with at the beginning of the week. Most of them canceled or said they weren't interested :( So now we are back to the beginning. This is a normal part of missionary work. People have their agency. Even though this was difficult to face... I still could feel that I did the best I could do and could still be happy. When things are down and not going so well that just means that miracles are around the corner.

I don't have a lot of time but I just wanted to tell you about how much I love Sundays!

This Sunday as we headed to church syster Werj was still not feeling so well and it is not always that easy to be positive when things aren't looking so good. It seems every Sunday as we head out.. there seems to be no hope. I got into the chapel and this woman misunderstood me when I tried to compliment her and she got a little angry at me.. We then had a little meeting and as we were saying to closing prayer I realized I had talked the whole time and didn't give sys Werj any chance to talk.. so I beat up on myself a little. I realized this was not the best way to begin church. So! I went to the bathroom and had a little prayer. As I ended the prayer two young women walked in.. and I couldn't help but smile. Then as I sat down for Relief Society.. Marie Jacobsson walked in and got a big smile and chose to sat down right next to us and gave us a big hug. The day just kept getting better. Our less active family showed up to church! and then an investigator walked in for Sunday school.

(one thing I'm looking forward to when i come home is not having to plan a gospel principles class every week for people of three different languages and all at different levels in the gospel... that is HARD.. and I usually only have 1 hour to prepare.. or less on Sunday morning)

Our Sunday school class went really well as we talked about faith and for sacrament meeting I got to sit up on the stand and speak into this little mic to translate for the English speakers. I had a lot of fun with it. I really like translating because I have to focus on what everyone says and I get a lot more out of the meeting... and it was fast Sunday! those are my favorite meetings.

So.. the moral of this story is.. Sundays are the best. Even if they start out seeming hard... say a little prayer and you will find joy in your day.

I love you all!

Syster Schneiber

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