Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oct. 22: It's a good thing we have cell phones...

I don't know how you and dad did missionary work with out cell phones! Geez. We use them all the time!

Kristianstad is still wonderful as ever. It is getting colder now. Syster Werjefelt and I had a great week :) I thought I would share some little miracles with you all.

The power of prayer is real! On Friday night we were at the Sandaline's home. They have had the missionaries over at their house every Friday for the past 20 years. The branch members know that Friday nights are always taken if they want to invite us over for dinner. :) Well, after we had our message we had to walk fast to the bus stop. As we rounded to bend we saw the bus pulling in. On Friday nights it only comes once every hour. We began to RUN. It left the bus stop and began to pull away. All I could think about was not wanting to wait for another hour for a bus.. we had stuff to do! So I chased after the bus like a crazy woman in a skirt and it had to stop at before pulling out onto the main run. I managed to catch up to the bus and banged on the side. The bus driver (he was early too!) was kind enough to stop and let us on. We got on and my bus card was GONE! noooooooooooOOO!

For some reason I decided to pay my ticket and then we called the Sandalines and asked them to look for it. (I should have just gotten off the bus to look for it myself but I had just run all that way to flag down the darn bus!) Well, we got home and they still hadn't found it. My stomach began turning. Ugg.. We had just bought the bus card and it works for a whole month. That would be a lot of money to loose. It had been about 30 mins and I called to see how the search was going. No luck. Well I thought I'd better tell them to just give up and go home.. I'll just have to buy another one. But sys Werjefelt said, "Why don't we have a kneeling prayer before we give up." (I had of course prayed multiple times in my head)

Side comment: While at the Sandalines we talked about how God answers prayers. Sys Nancy Sandaline talked about how she had lost her son one time in a big park. They all spread out to look for him and they couldn't find him for a while. She finally felt like she needed to go find a place to kneel down and pray. After she got up from her prayer her little son came wandering right into her view.

So we finished our prayer and still on our knees--the phone rings. They had found the bus card on their way home. :)

Roland got baptized!!!! Remember Roland and Ingrid? and how they got married a few weeks ago and then Ingrid got baptized. Roland had to wait to get papers back from the church. He got them back and we had a wonderful baptism on Saturday! It was definitely the easiest baptism yet for us to organize.. because Roland did it all. He picked everyone and called them himself to ask them to give a talk or a prayer, etc. He even made his own fika afterwards! (Fika--important word in Swedish... refreshments). Sys Werjefelt and I sang again. It went not too bad :) haha. Best of all was that Roland was happy.

On Saturday afternoon before we were heading out sys Werjefelt found a record of an old investigator that I had pulled out of the area book with syster Vistaunet. She brought it along with her to read more about her. We were on the train after the baptism and she pulled it out and decided to give this girl a call. No one answered (that is usual), so she texted. Later that night as we were heading home from our last lesson we got a text back!! (very unusual) She said that it was cool to have heard from the missionaries again but she wasn't interested. While we were waiting for the train back to Kristianstad , we responded and said it was very kind of her to respond and hope all goes well. Well we got on the train and I was on the phone talking to our mission leader and I was scanning the crowd as we walked down the aisle. Who did we want to sit next to??? The train was pretty full and I came to a man sitting on my right hand side with three empty seats. I was about to sit next to him when I looked to my left hand side and saw a woman sitting alone with three empty seats. So I sat down across from the woman. Shortly after came a girl who looked to be the woman's daughter. She began to smile and I smiled back. Suddenly, still talking to the mission leader, I watched as this girl pulls out her phone and shows sys Werjefelt something. .... whats going on?? that's weird... I could see it looked like a text from us.. did something happen to the wifi and send our text message to this random girl? and then it hit me. This must be the same girl!!

It ended up being her. She was super nice and so was her mother. We talked and laughed the whole train ride back. We texted her later that night and said that we didn't think that was just a coincidence and would love to see her again. She texted back Sunday and said she didn't think it was a coincidence either. We decided to meet this Wednesday!!!

So! we shall see what happens this week! Much to do, with too little time. There were many other amazing lessons and miracles and answers to prayers during the week.. but this is all I have time for.

I love you all!!

Syster Schneiber II

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