Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oct. 29: A Member's Friend

Dear Family,

Glad to hear that I will be able to come to the next wedding! :) Life has been wonderful as usual here. And time just keeps on flying by. Winter has officially come. It is COLD here. I have my big puffy jacket and warm boots on. I think I look like a marshmallow but I'm warm! :) I am also getting very tired of my clothes so I play dress up in sys Werjefelts clothes sometimes :)

This week was amazing because we were with members and teaching their friends!

Philip is a 16 year old stud and we met his friend at the youth activity we had a few weeks ago. We got to teach him for the first time this week. I think first teaches are my favorite because that is when you get to dig deep and figure out what part of the gospel they need to hear that can help them in their life. Philips friend said that he really just wanted to know if God was real.. if he really existed. We ended up teaching him on a bench outside his house because there was no girl home. It was a little bit chilly but as we all sat there and he voiced his concerns and the reasons why he wanted to know... it was a very special feeling. We gave him the commitment to begin by praying each day. He looked at us for a moment and then answered.. well you got to be open to try everything. yay! So we shall see what happens.

Hadi our amazing new convert from Iran... is on fire! He came home two weeks ago from church and a girl in his corridor came out and started talking to him. She asked why he was in a suite and he explained that he went to church. She ended up telling him that she was lonely here. She is from Stockholm but is studying down here in Skåna and he said.. "well I was lonely when I first came here too.. and then I went to church and made lots of friends.. you should come" So we have met her a few times now, we have taken her to some members homes for dinner and she came to church this Sunday! She is super cute and we hope to help her more!

Vali and Javi are two awesome young woman with an awesome mom Claudia. We came over and told this family about our desire to meet their friends and teach them. Claudia spoke right up and said, why don't we have a movie night next week. We can watch "the testaments" and the kids can invite their friends. I thought.. wow OK.. ya if the kids want to. (I don't know if I would have been that bold to do that with my friends back home) But we showed up on Friday for movie night and they had two friends over! There should have been a few more people but some other things came up. But Vali had just told her friend that they were going to have a movie night and watch a church movie and then another girl listening said that she wanted to come too. Sweet!

So we had a great time watching the movie. At the end when Christ comes in the film and heals the dad.. all of the girls were crying. We turned off the film and asked them what they thought. "It was a lot better then I had thought it was going to be.... I never cry in films and I cried in that one.. so it means it was a good film"

We had a great time talking to them and invited them to learn more. They both said ya! So we shall meet them on Tuesday.

Just as an update.. we met with that girl I told you about last week. It was fun but she said she had already tried with our church and it didn't feel right for her. It was super sad. But each person has their own choice.

Last cool miracle... We have been so busy that we haven't really had time to visit a lot of less actives. But Saturday we decided to cancel a member dinner and instead stay in this one area and visit the less actives. Usually when I have tried to swing by these people they are never home.. But on Saturday... Each person was home! God can help us know how to best spend our time. We are going back on Thursday to visit a few of them and help them feel the spirit again in their lives :)

Well! It was a shorter letter today! But I love you all!!!

Love Syster Schneiber

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